Client Testimonials

"Mark Kassof & Co. has worked with Trend Research for well over a decade. I appreciate the high quality survey data that I get from Trend, plus our excellent working partnership. I count on them, and they deliver!"
- Mark Kassof, President, Mark Kassof & Co.

"Together, Janet Brown and Trend Research conducted the only poll during the 2019 Alberta provincial election with results that were within the margin of error for all political parties."
- Janet Brown, Janet Brown Opinion Research

"Trend Research provides gold standard services. Their staff is well trained and able to provide a high level of expertise and quality assurance to projects."
- Webb Dussome, CMRP, Alberta School of Business

"I approached Trend Research because I needed a call center to provide quality data collection on a timely basis. Trend Research has been providing me with telephone survey fieldwork services for the past two years. I appreciate Trend Research’s flexibility in providing different fieldwork and costing options tailored to meet my research needs. Whenever I have questions about fieldwork options, Trend Research is friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. I would recommend Trend Research to anyone who requires survey data collection and fieldwork."
- Sophie Gaudet, KYS Research

"Outstanding project management and quality service for the past 15 years."
- Anne Jacox, CMRP, Cue Research Inc.

"Trend Research delivers quality respondents for my qualitative research needs. Whether it is for face-to-face focus groups, telephone interviews or online bulletin boards, Trend is a trusted partner."
- Sandra Johnston, Johnston Research

"Trend Research is my first choice in Edmonton because I always receive the best service, great focus group respondents and professional, welcoming staff. I have been using Trend for many years and they always meet deadlines, are responsive and thorough. You can count on them to do a stellar job every time, and that means a great deal to our company."
- Maureeta Percy, Senior Manager, Client & Marketing Research, ATB Financial

"I have had the pleasure of working with Anastasia, Denise and the entire team at Trend Research on various projects, all varying in complexity and scope. I always appreciate their accommodating approach to any project – they can truly make anything happen! Their ability to fully understand all project requirements, and translate them into reality is exceptional. I never have a concern when fielding a project at their facility, as I know it will be handled with a high level of professionalism, and will achieve all of our client’s needs."
- Krista Waechter, Project Director, ACCE International

"We’ve worked with Trend Research for a little over 13 years and not once have they let us down no matter what we ask."
- Philip Coppard, Stormy Lake Consulting