TrendWatch Omnibus - Alberta & BC

Success depends on an organization's ability to adapt to everchanging trends. While sustained research can produce valuable findings, sometimes you need immediate answers to pressing questions. Trend Research offers clients this opportunity with our TrendWatch Omnibus - a cost-effective means of obtaining timely, targeted results.
TrendWatch allows clients to field individual questions or sections as part of our monthly provincial telephone omnibus survey. Costs are significantly lowered by sharing the expense of organizing and conducting the research, while still allowing for fully customized questions and reporting of data. Whether you are looking for a starting-point for future strategic research or tracking ongoing trends, TrendWatch offers an affordable and flexible means of getting the answers you need.
Trend Research's emphasis on quality data collection practices ensures that surveys are designed, conducted, and delivered at levels exceeding industry standards. A highly-trained staff, professional sampling techniques, and advanced technical resources ensure the integrity of our research data and fast delivery of results.
Sample Size
- Alberta
Total sample - 900
Edmonton CMA - 300
Calgary CMA - 300
Other - 300
Sample Size
- BC
Total sample - 900
Vancouver CMA - 450
Vancouver Island - 200
Other - 250
Total sample
±3.1%, 19 times out of 20
Regional subgroups
±5.7%, 19 times out of 20
Close-ended question  $1500
Open-ended question  $2000
Survey Dates
Questions due on the 14th
The 28th of each month
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